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logo qualityThe Tourism Quality "Q" Label is a standard which governs the upholding of certain characteristics and qualities that bring prestige, differences, reliability and rigour to tourist certificates. Compliance with current legislation and requirements of the UNE for Hotels and Apartments are some of the values which inspire us.

In the hotel sector these differences eventually reach customers in the form of guarantees and comfort in every way possible. This is something that we at the Hotel Isabel know, and so we aim to maintain this badge and complement it with a company policy based on training and continuous involvement of staff, warm treatment of our guests, listening to our clients and incorporating their views in managerial decision making. This will create a process of continuous change and improvements so that even our most loyal customers, can appreciate all the results of their excellent ideas and input.

Another of our objectives is to eliminate physical and communication barriers that may cause exclusion for our customers with any special limitations or needs, achieving an environment and services which are more accessible to all.

Therefore, we at Hotel Isabel invite you to discover all of these qualities that distinguish us and to enjoy the luxuries of a most distinguished place combined with home comforts.

Torremolinos, January 11, 2012.

Jesús Peinado



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